Bariloche Patagonia Argentina

San Carlos de Bariloche Patagonia Argentina travel information.

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During summer (January-February) 20/28ºC and latest years reaching 35º. At nights, around 15ºC. In winter, along the day 15º C / 5º C and in the nights 0º C or even lower temperatures. Weather it's dry and healthy so the cold can be tolerated.

Cerro Catedral is the sky center, and waters are always cold, however you can swim during summers.


Air travel


Buenos Aires 1640 km
Bahia Blanca 1076 km
25 de mayo 572 km
Cipolletti 421 km
Comodoro Rivadavia 868 km
El Bolsón 131 km
Esquel 300 km
General Roca 416 km
Neuquén 416 km
Osorno 250 km
Piedra del Aguila 185 km
Puerto Montt 390 km
Rio Gallegos 1667 km
San Martin de los Andes 190 km (thru 7 lagos)
Santa Rosa 1011 km
Temuco (thru Puyehue) 489 km
Viedma 845 km
Villa La Angostura 83 km
Villa Traful 100 km

Aerolíneas Argentinas



12 de Octubre 1884 - Phone: 422217

Phone: 432444

Nueva Chevallier
Terminal and Moreno 107 - Phone: 425914 / 423090

Fly Fishing

Fly fishing in this place of patagonia argentina it's a good experience, lots of fishers and tourists arrives every year looking for trouts and other species. However you are encouraged to get a license first (day, week, month or seasonal) camping camping and fishing stores can provide you.


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