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Bombinhas - SC

Bombinhas - SCConsidered Diving capital in the country, preserves the whiteness of it's sands and transparency of it's turquoise waters. Even in winter you can find temperatures until 25º and few rain. Water temperatures goes form 14º to 20º, with visibilities reaching 20 mts.

26 different beaches: Galheta, Bombas, do Ribeiro, Prainha, Embrulho, Lagoinha, Sepultura, do Biguá, dos Ingleses, Quatro Ilhas, do Caeté, do Atalaia, Mariscal, Canto Grande, Conceição, da Tainha, Porto da Vó, Canto Grande de Dentro, Morrinhos, Zimbros, Triste, do Cardoso, Vermelha, da Lagoa, do Cantinho. The most required by tourists are Bombas, Bombinhas, Mariscal and Quatro Ilhas.


Due to it's weather you can visit it in summer (December to March) or winter (June to August) You may find good rates and lodging promotions for low season and reservation is completely needed in most cases specially from December to March.

Do Rivero Beach



Navegantes Airport 47 km
Florianópolis Airport 66
Florianópolis 61
Camboriú 30
Itapema 20
Porto Belo 15
Rio de Janeiro 1080
São Paulo 660
Montevideo 1396
Asunción 1345
Buenos Aires 1615

Minimum temperature
Winter: 22º
Summer: 24º

Máximum temperature:
Winter: 21º
Summer: 28º

Water temperature:
Winter: 14º to 21º
Summer: 25º to 28º


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