Villa la Angostura Argentina

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Villa la Angostura ArgentinaVilla la Angostura

You have chances of visiting this beautiful part of Patagonia Argentina during all year and you may meet Los Arrayanes and Nahuel Huapi national parks. Once there you have many attractions to see like Cerro Belvedere and Cascada Incayal or Cerro Bayo.

How to travel

From Buenos Aires you can travel by air ( 2 hs.) or bus some 20 hs. LADE and Aerolíneas Argentinas flight to Bariloche, the nearest airport located some 80 km away.

Villa la Angostura Argentina has a cold weather in general, but January and February are hot months, where outdoor sports are a nice way to enjoy the sun of Patagonia.


Air Travel


Buenos Aires 1624 km
Bahia Blanca 1076 km
Bariloche 82 km
Córdoba 1612 km
Mendoza 1328 km
Neuquén 477 km
Rosario 1670 km
San Martín de los Andes 7 lagos 110 Km
Trelew 913 km

Closer airport
Teniente Luis Candelaria, Bariloche (80 km)

Aerolíneas Argentinas
Quaglia 238 - Phone 422425 / 422144

Palacios 266 - Phone 428725

SW/ Southern Winds
Villegas 145 - Phone 434190 / 423704

Medium Temperature
Winter: 2º
Summer: 18º

Maximum Temperature
Winter: 7º
Summer: 28º

Minimum Temperature
Winter: -2º
Summer: 10º

BarilocheCar Rental


Cerro Bayo is Villa la Angostura's sky center, located 9 km from vile and offering services all year long. Allows 4.500 skiers per hour and it has a marvelous view to Nahuel Huapi lake.

Winter season goes from end of June to end of August.

Hotels and Cabins

You may find the best hotel services even in cabins, very charming and located in incredible places with wonderful sights.

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